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Military Dependents Village Museum Of Hsinchu City


Military Dependents Village Museum Of Hsinchu City
Address: No.105, Sec.2, Dongda Road, Hsinchu City.
Telephone: 03-5338442
Opening Time: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00
Ticket Price: Free
Military Dependents  Village Museum Of Hsinchu City Being opened on December 28, 2002, Military Dependents Village Museum of Hsinchu City was reconstructed from the old Department of Environmental Protection. The space of nearly 330-meter square was planned to exhibit the historical scenes of military dependents' lives, both indoors and outdoors, so as to provide people with a real experience of the cultural life in military dependents villages. The museum is the first in Taiwan focusing on the preservation of military dependents village culture. It fully demonstrates the spirit of 「life scene museum」 by inheriting and displaying in a digital way the sustainable living experiences through the conservation of sites. In addition, along with the construction plan of Digital Military Dependents Village Museum, the museum has also collected 「oral record of history」 and 「collections of cultural products of military dependents villages」 simultaneously. So far, it has collected related information up to one thousand pages. It's expected to preserve and re-create special cultural products and features of Military Dependents Villages and then disseminate the culture throughout the world by making use of the all-pervasive Internet. Due to theestablishment of Military Dependents Village Museum, people are able to recall the past time like going through a time tunnel. They can also understand the lives of military dependents then while visiting the museum. It has recollected the true appearance and dignity of the generation, and tried to construct a systematic conversation and cultural accumulation between the cultural development and modern society.
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