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Hsinchu state City Affair Office

Hsinchu state City Affair Office Japan government carried out the ' city-street-village' system, Hsin Chu was subordinated to Hsin Chu state. Hsin Chu was named 'Hsin Chu street'. The office of the Hsin Chu street was called "the office of street affair". The population grew up fast after 1930 and its political and economic statue became more important, the Hsin Chu street thus upgraded as Hsinchu. 
The city affair office was a two floor brick building, four-bend shaped roof, decorated with two 'tigher' windows. The whole building was an rectangular form; the entrance put in the center and a arch shape vernada after it. Both sides of the entrance were ornamented with wheat and flower ring, which emphasized the image of government authority, people would feel sense of solemn while approaching . 
The City Government of Hsin Chu Chou(old names in the period of Japanese Occupation) currently is carrying out the reusing plan with the establishing direction of the Fine Arts Gallery. 
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