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Hsinchu Exclusive Trade Bureau

Hsinchu Exclusive Trade Bureau Hsinchu Exclusive Trade Bureau named as " the Hsin Chu branch office of Taiwan general government exclusive trade " in Japan colonial time. Its forerunner was Taipei exclusive trade Hsin Chu office. Because of the increasing business need, the building had enlarged in 1934 , and finished the next year. In 1936, the office moved to the present address, and upgraded the 'office' as a 'bureau ' and became the center for the exclusive trade of cigarette and wine. In 1947, it renamed as Taiwan wine and cigarette bureau Hsin Chu branch office. 
The building possessed modernism style, using parallel lines for decoration, which was the main concept for the buildings. The architect worked for the general government exclusive trade bureau Umezawa SutejirouU. The first floor were the veranda, reception and business hall, and the chief office of the bureau; the second floor was the office for the staff, and the third floor was for meeting.  
After entering building, the space between the ceiling getting higher toward center, thus, standing under the center of the building, and looked upward , it looked like a tower, which impressed the entrance image. 
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